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OUR COMMITMENTOUR VISION• Provide excellent service to customers.• Continuous improvement on all aspect related to business provided.• Actively involve in developing health, safety and environment aspect in becoming first priority requirement in drilling operation.• Obtaining a recognition as a professional partners serving the oil and gas industries.OUR MISSION• Continuous improvements in developing high professionalism serving the oil and gas market sector.• Involved in developing health, safety and environment procedures and its implementations in Indonesian towards internationally recognized standards.QUALITY POLICY• Talentamas Bangun Jaya shall be recognized for leadership in the quality of its products and services• Therefore, every employee shall dedicate himself to the continous understanding of our customer’s expectations and commit to the total fulfillment of these expectations• Focus on our products and services to ensure that they continuously satisfy the highest standards• Aim for continuous improvement in “Quality” in all our activities• We shall achieve our objective to: do things right, first time, every timeHSE POLICY• It is the commitment of Talentamas Bangun Jaya to a accomplish its responsibility towards Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) matters. This responsibility is integrated in the vision, mission, values and working courses as an essential component of our business strategy.• Talentamas Bangun Jaya believes that company’s activities have potential positive and negative impact on the economic, social and environmental dimension to all company’s stakeholders. For this reason, Talentamas Bangun Jaya constantly strives raising the awareness of HSE issues and increasing the capability to handle these problems.• In handling the HSE matter, Talentamas Bangun Jaya adheres to the HSE Principals and existing rules and regulations as a form of our commitments in supporting the health and work safety, and environmental protection as well as prosperity of all of our stakeholders, in particular our employees, customers, shaleholders, subcontractor and the community. Talentamas Bangun Jaya will be proactive in delivering value-added services to our customers in accordance with the HSE Principals.• In order to achieve this objective, we will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce the environmental and social impacts on the employees, customers, and neighborhoods.• Talentamas Bangun Jaya seeks continual improvement in the performance of all of our activities.
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