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ABOUT USTALENTAMAS BANGUN JAYA, was established in 14th August 1995 and based in Jakarta, TALENTAMAS BANGUN JAYA, is remarkably positioning itself in becoming a major player serving the following industries:• Oil & Gas • Power Generation • Petrochemical • Marine • Electrical & Electronics • Building & Construction • Other related industries Through intensive partnership with clients and suppliers, TALENTAMAS BANGUN JAYA, has accumulated substantial understanding of end-user/customer requirements as well as deeper product & technical knowledge. Our customer base has grown significantly as we continually build and arm ourselves with wider spans of capacities to service different customer needs. In just fifteen years, TALENTAMAS BANGUN JAYA, has been depended upon as a ONE STOP SOURCE for equipment, machineries, parts, components, and supplies, particularly in the field of Oil and Gas. We have successfully achieved this because of our deep commitment in understanding and duly responding to our customers" needs. Our commitment is our pride. We commit to Assured Quality, Competitiveness, and Excellent Service. We supply products that are hard to find, taking in no less than what is considered the best quality in the industry. We provide our clients" needs at a most competitive price at a fastest lead time possible. We guarantee efficient service before, during, and even after each procurement. We are second to none when it comes to customer handling and have specifically created a competent sales team to work on all our clients; requests and concerns. And because of this, we have become a trusted name when it comes to fulfilling our commitment. And our forte is in confidently supplying the following products: 1. Gas Engine Parts (Caterpillar, Waukesha, etc)2. Replacement Rig Parts and Components (Ideco, Koomey, etc)3. Fast-Moving Consumables for Engines (e.g. Spark Plugs, Filters, etc)4. Compressor Engine and Parts (Ariel)5. Battery (Saft Battery)6. Oil Lubricant (CPI)7. Various Valves (Jinggong, KF Valve, MSP/Drillex, KITZ, Fisher, etc)8. Others (Amarillo Gear, Raychem, Kone Cranes, LinkBelt, Air x-changer, Wellhead & Christmas Tree, UPS, Down Hole Tools, Sub-X-Over, Cross Over, Bull Plug, Turbo Charger, etc)

Phone : 62-21-45872278/ 79/ 80 62-21-92800572 62-21-98194556
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