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Spark Plug Sparkplug DENSO

Sparkplug DENSO

Model : SparkplugBrand : DENSOOrigin : -Standard Plugs
• Designed for everyday use

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Platinum Plugs
DENSO pioneered the use of platinum in spark plug manufacturing. To maximise the longevity and enhance the durability of the spark plug, DENSO applied platinum to both the centre and ground electrodes. Platinum"s superior resistance to erosion and corrosion has enabled DENSO to engineer a spark plug capable of consistent, extended operation in excess of 100,000 kilometres.
Platinum spark plugs are designed for everyday use or for racing. Platinum Plug conductivity is better than standard and make engine performance better although at high temperatures and heavy loads. Platinum plugs power consumption are also smaller than the standard plugs that provide ease of Engine starting.

Iridium Plugs
Iridium spark plug is a new generation Sparkplug that designed for durability under the most extreme conditions, DENSO"s patented iridium alloy is 6 x harder and 8 x stronger than conventional platinum
With an approximate life span of 150,000km and very high melting point make Iridium Power® long life plugs the most durable and robust in the market.
The lower required voltage and high ignitability from the iridium electrode also guarantees smoother idling, improved acceleration and high response driving. These plugs can withstand even the most severe conditions and have proven themselves as original equipment and racing plugs.
0.7 mm Diameter is used for the standard usage, while 0.4 mm diameter is world smallest iridium alloy electrode and used for high speed driving or racing

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