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Battery SAFT


Model : Brand : SAFTOrigin : Saft Nife Ni-Cd block batteryThe broadest capability in the world –For installations requiring totallyreliable power back-up, failsafeengine starting or bulk energystorage, the uniquely long life andlow maintenance characteristics ofSaft Ni-Cd blocks cannot bebettered.Nickel-cadmium plates arecompletely reliable, with no risk ofthermal runaway or sudden death.Generally operating betweentemperatures of -20°C to 50°C(-4°F to 122°F), they can tolerateextremes of -50°C to 70°C (-58°Fto 158°F) for short periods.The Saft Nife Nickel-Cadmium blockbattery meet, and exceed,the requirements of theIEC 60623 standard.The batteries have been developedin line with the safety requirementsof EN-50272-2 and componentsused (such as insulated cableconnectors and end lug covers)are defined to ensure highprotection against electric shocks(IP2 level).

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