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ARIEL Compressor Ariel Compressor

Ariel Compressor

Model : Ariel JGC & JGD Gas CompressorBrand : Ariel CompressorOrigin : -ARIEL JGC & JGD Gas CompressorThese large, medium speed reciprocating separable compressors were designed to pair with electric motors and natural gas engines recently available for compression units (packages) and are already proven as one of the most cost effective methods of compression for pipeline transmission, power generation, refrigeration, processing and all other applications requiring large horsepower drivers and compression capacity.Cylinders, specifically for pipeline transmission (CL & DL) are available, as well as a full range of cylinders for all other applications. The demand for the JGC and JGD has remained very strong since their introduction to the gas transmission market . As with all Ariel compressors, regular, minimal maintenance insures a lifetime of continuous, trouble-free operation.

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