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ARIEL Compressor Ariel Compressor

Ariel Compressor

Model : Ariel JGK & JGT Gas CompressorBrand : Ariel CompressorOrigin : -ARIEL JGK & JGT Gas CompressorsThese large, medium-speed, reciprocating separable compressors are the industry"s choice for gas gathering, trunk-line, storage, fuel gas boost (co-gen), coal seam gas, marine seismic and reinjection. The JGK and JGT share a common frame but the JGT is a higher-speed (1500 RPM vs. 1200 RPM), shorter stroke (4.5" vs. 5.5") compressor than the JGK. Both compressors feature an extremely wide range of cylinders including pipeline cylinders, making them the most effective choice for standard as well as numerous specialized applications. As with all Ariel compressors, the JGK:T are driver rated and pair well with numerous modern engines and electric motor drivers. Regular, minimal maintenance insures a lifetime of continuous, trouble-free operation.

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