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Model : 12V275GLBrand : WAUKESHA DRESSEROrigin : The 12V275GL combines the robust construction and reliable operation of GE"s Waukesha"s ATGL® Series with an enhanced version of the Engine System Manager (ESM®) control system, factory-mounted lube oil and cooling system, and removable wiring trays on each side of the engine. The 12V275GL is rated at 2700 bhp to 3375 bhp (800 rpm to 1000 rpm).Features• Equipped with an enhanced version of the Engine System Manager (ESM®) control that integrates: o Spark timing controlo Turbocharger controlo Speed governingo Knock detectiono Start-stop controlo Diagnostic toolso Fault loggingo Engine safetieso Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) control• Upgraded oil filtration system that is completely factory-mounted and piped. The system features a plate-type oil cooler and spin-on disposable lube oil filter elements• Centrifugal oil filtration and a pre-lube pump are mounted and piped as standard equipment• Thermostats and bypass piping for the jacket water and auxillary water are now mounted on the engine• Removable wiring trays on each side of the engineBenefits• Easy access to the oil filters and a containment pan on the filter platform prevents oil from running down the side or back of the engine during filter changes • The engine-mounted pre-lube pump reduces the effort associated with package procurement, assembly, and replacement pump sourcing• Cooling pump outputs have been resized to eliminate the need for setting the pump flow rates by pressure or temperature differential• The addition of easily removable wiring trays to each side of the engine improve serviceability. There are also quick disconnects on the ignition coils and thermocouples for easy replacement

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